6 Things Gen Zers and Millennials Expect From Your E-Commerce Site

For brands, digitization is increasing at a growing rate as technology and consumer expectations continue to evolve rapidly. E-commerce technologies are allowing consumers to easily shop for their favorite products from the comfort of their homes, making online shopping the preferred way to shop. Gen Z and Millennial consumers, in particular, crave online shopping. Over […]

What is Virtual Selling Technology?

The pandemic fundamentally changed how e-commerce brands build their channel mix and operate their businesses. Companies previously accustomed to in-person selling, by way of brick-and-mortar storefronts and in-store sales associates, were forced to re-evaluate their selling strategies. Forbes noted that “81% of growth leaders [used] the pandemic as an opportunity to redefine the customer experience […]

How Fashion Digital 3D Assets in the Metaverse are helping Sustainability

What are Digital 3D Assets? Digital 3D assets, also referred to as virtual fashion or digital fashion, are at the root of fashion in the metaverse. Vogue Business notes these assets are: “created using fashion-specific 3D design software, [they] can be photorealistic or stylized to suit specific environments. They can be used throughout a product’s […]

How Brands Are Taking Their First Steps into the Metaverse By Using VR and AR Technology

Brands are moving fast to leverage technology that will empower them with 360-degree, immersive digital experiences. These 3D experiences offer a natural opportunity for brands to enter into the metaverse.  Immersive digital experiences are powered by Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). AR and VR, while used interchangeably, have distinct differences. Typically, AR uses […]

How 6 Fashion and Beauty Brands Are Leveraging NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) present valuable opportunities for brands to sell digital items in the metaverse with an emphasis on exclusivity and uniqueness. The nature of NFTs allows creators to limit digital items, declare ownership, and inhibit duplication. “NFTs seem to have exploded out of the ether and are selling like 17th-century exotic Dutch tulips–some for […]

The Next Frontier of Omnichannel: Experience

For years, omnichannel has been about logistics. Retailers’ focus with their omnichannel strategies was to enable seamless availability of inventory across brick-and-mortar and digital channels. Omnichannel technologies focused on showing store availability of individual products on e-commerce sites, enabling BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store), and making products available on new digital channels such […]

Why Brands and Retailers Need to Enter the Metaverse Now

What is the Metaverse? The term “metaverse” originally appeared in Neal Stephenson’s science-fiction novel Snow Crash. Three decades later, the term metaverse is losing its association with science fiction and becoming a reality now. Google Analytics shows interest in the metaverse has accelerated at a rapid rate with the number of searches for the word […]